About Us

About the school institution.

Year Of Establishment 2003-2004.

With its past experiences and continuous effort the school has paved a road of development and reform with its own characteristics. The school has formed an educational approach which stresses on all round development based on fostering useful skills and giving full play to the students role.It lives up to the principle of educating all students morally ,intellectually and physically .A teaching system requiring combined curriculum with optional curriculum and classroom teaching with extracurricular activities ,has been established in the school. Great success has been achieved in various extracurricular activities.


It is expanding every effort to realize the modernization of its educational ideology ,systems ,methods, facilities and management in order to meet the future needs.


It will hold on the policy of “inheriting the traditions ,stepping up the reforms and looking ahead at the future .it will strive to integrate modern civilization with traditional culture. Our approach will be “Think Globally Act Locally”.


The more I learn I realize how little I know … .

In this highly competitive world only they can survive who excel in whatever they do always aims at excellence .seemingly unattainable goals yield before the person who reaches out to them, with determined and disciplined steps .The courage to do right and they will to succeed are the asset of a true successful man .Hence to do right ,fear to do wrong .


“One who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

It is our Endeavour that ANJUMAN-I-ISLAM’S ALLANA ENGLISH SECONDARY SCHOOL ,KURLA not only to teach but instill high moral values and principles and encourage our children to develop their energies productively and on maturity ;they will help to make the world better and happier for all .

Teach the child, if you can wonder of books…, but also give them quite time to ponder…, the eternal mystery of birds in the sky ,bees in the sun and flowers on a green hill side .

In a nut shell preparation for life is our main motive of teaching and ANJUMAN-I-ISLAM ALLANA ENGLISH SECONDARY SCHOOL ,KURLA .We prepare your students for the task and challenges of their life’s as adults .It is our ideal to equip our students with tools with which they can build a healthy and harmonious relationships and a fruit full future.

Education is our passport to the future ,for future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Aim/goal/vission /mission

  • To provide student best of education.
  • Facilitate their overall intellectual ,emotional and social development.


  • Location : Anjuman I Islam Allana English School kurla S.G.Barve Marg C.S.T. Road Kurla west mumbai 400070 & contact details:022-25034540.
  • Physical infrastructure :
  • Building area :-969.75 sq m.
  • Class room:-12
  • Seminar hall :- Nil
  • Administrative area:-13.935 sq.m
  • Lab infrastructure:-
  • Other facilities :-Public addressing system,CCTV camera in all the classroom , e-learning.
  • Prominent photographs:-Savitri Bai Phule.

Affiliation /Approval/Recognition

  •  Approving Authorities :- Office of Dy. Director Education & Education Dept Chembur “L” Ward.

Statutory Committees

  • Executive Chairman: Mr.Ghulam.Mohd Peshimam.
  • Members:-Prof.Ashraf kalsekar,Prof.N.Kokhshiwala & Mr.Abdul Samad.


  • Admission policy /rules are common through out Anjuman-I-Islam as mentioned in the calendar. In our school admissions are done through natural growth i.e from Primary std IVth to Vth .
    Monthly fees :1100/- & term fees :-1100/-.


  • JOURNALS:- Zilha Krida Parishad ,Bombay Arts And Sports Sovenir,Career Guidance Scheme ,English Teaching Professional ,Prathamik Shikshan Abhyaskaram (Yearly Subcription ).
  • VOLUMES:- World Of Facts,Mysteries Of World, Childerns World History,Concise Atlas Of The World ,How To Stimulate Your Childs Intelligence ,Deen Kaa Bunyadi Corse,Deeniyat,How Things Works,Ask Me Question,Plants That Heal.
  • MAGZINE:-Shikshak Margdarshika,Lok Rajya,Shikshan Sankraman, Hearald Of Health ,Eastern Crescent ,Mindfeild(Momthly Subscription),Gul Bootay.

Community Services

  • We organize every year an exhibition programme based on Peace/Environmental and global warming issues and yearly workshop for parents by an expert.
  • Documentary on Cancer by Care India Services is shown yearly to our students under health care ,Alert India Campaign, Awareness Campaigns.
  • Procter & Gamble visits our school yearly to inform our girls of Std VIIth & Std VIIIth on puberty which includes a documentary.
  • Lions club eye checkup for all students.
  • Movies are shown which gives children inspiration.
  • Every year students of std IXth are given direct knowledge from interest about AIDS wherein they then give this information to all the classes (STD Vth to VIIIth )through charts & oral lectures.